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Spiritual Journey

The spiritual journey towards finding inner quietness begins with a thirst for finding contentment within your life. This need then develops into the realisation that inner peace is possible and so you set out on the journey to accomplish this inner quietness or stillness of the mind. The process is a gradual process which begins by focusing the mind on a single object. This method of focusing the mind is often called meditation. The effectiveness of mediation towards achieving a peaceful mind is considerable. Through the focusing of your mind you will begin to clear away layers of distracting thoughts helping you to realise the inner peace you naturally have. It is not enough however just to simply meditate. You will have to incorporate all aspects of your life into advancing along this path to finding inner peace.

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Why is the Spiritual Journey so difficult?

The only reason that the spiritual journey is difficult is due to the way we have been conditioned to think. We live in a time that is largely dominated by the ego. We want the best clothes, a nice sports car, a very well paid job so that we can look good in the eyes of others. This creates desire and desire is never satisfied for long. The clothes that you would like today will not be the same ones you want in six months time and so desire for more begins all over again. When you want nothing you are content. This is not to say that to have a peaceful mind means you have to walk around in old rags! It just means that you can see what is deeply important in your life. As you make your way along the path you will have to let go and forgive yourself and others. This can be quite difficult but is a necessary progression that should not be rushed or forced. Gently letting go a little everyday will provide the best results.

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What do you mean by Letting Go?

We all carry little resentments about things other people have done or said about us. In some people some of these resentments grow into hatred, but as you travel along the path towards inner peace you will begin to understand yourself better and in so doing you will begin to understand others better as well. This results in a better understanding of why some people are the way they are, helping us to forgive those that we can, which gives us a much needed inner sense of ease.

To let go is to be open minded and embrace the moment. Not fearful of any future event or angry about things that have happened in the past. This process of letting go gives rise to a feeling of spiritual energy that seems to charge us with an uplifting and joyous outlook on life. There is a great sense of being spontaneous and free because this is the truth of your reality as you are no longer caged by your own disruptive thoughts. You now have the natural clarity to direct your life in a positive direction.

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