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Spiritual Awakening

A spiritual awakening is the moment when you see the truth of this reality. That truth is the spontaneous freedom you achieve through your meditation or practice. The realisation that there are no boundaries. Freedom from the habitual thought patterns of your mind, you see the truth and with that truth comes a feeling of oneness. The inner peace that you strived so hard to find intensifies until you become that inner peace. There is no boundary between you and that inner peace, only a oneness remains.

Although for some this realisation of the truth becomes a permanent transformation. For most there are moments of awareness of this truth. These moments will be the most beautiful moments you will ever witness. These moments will come and go but with continued practice and discipline the moments will happen more often until the final transformation occurs and the ultimate truth is realised.

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Does the journey end after awakening?

Once you have experienced your own spiritual awakening you now have the clarity to begin a new journey. Although you will still have to practice and uphold the necessary discipline needed for inner peace, having obtained that inner peace you will develop an intense desire to reach out and help others. This new journey is a journey of your choice and can be as big or as small as you want it to be. You may feel like planting a garden to benefit both the animals and insects that live there as well as inspire other humans with such beauty. You may write a book on peace or create a children's book just to make them smile. You may write a song, go travelling, take up dancing.... This journey is your own to share with others and where this path leads is completely up to you.

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spiritual awakening
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Spiritual Awakening is a process

Although it may seem as though you have to take on this task and save the world, it is not quite like that. This awakening process is a stage in evolution for humanity. Each individual effort contributes towards a whole but if we are to all live with an inner peace it must be a process that is taken together. There can be no feeling of us and them, there can only be an outer peace if an inner peace is realised by all. This journey will take many life times to complete but if an effort is not made by all involved at some time in the future there cannot be peace on the surface. The reason why we have a need to reach out to others is because of this very obvious fact, we are all in this together. This web site was not created to inspire fear but was created to illustrate the truth that there can be an inner peace within us all and if there can be a peace within us all there can be a peace on the surface to.

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