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Enlightenment Intensives

By Inner Peace article Writer Sally Dearman-Cummings

Enlightenment Intensives are a means by which you can get to the absolute core of who you really are. You may know yourself fundamentally, but many don’t. They perhaps thought they did, until they began to get a sense that actually they’ve been working largely on ideas. Ideas they’ve picked up about the nature of themselves, life and others, on their journey through life - from early years at home, or from school, college, work, etc. They begin to wonder, particularly if they have conflicting ideas about themselves: Wherein lies the truth? An Enlightenment Intensive allows one to go where the answers are most powerfully provided - within oneself - in a safe, supportive non-distracting atmosphere, for three days.

It can be highly liberating, and indeed life-changing, to be able to operate from a truly authentic sense of self, or to see others as they really are, or life for what it really is.

An Enlightenment Intensive is not a short-cut to enlightenment. It is a hard-working process of contemplation and communication, and similar barriers to enlightenment arise as during any committed contemplative practice, with the exception that they perhaps arise faster. It’s not called an Intensive for nothing. The absolute truth, synonymous with the term enlightenment, has been experienced by men, women, sages and spiritual figures throughout the ages, and it has the power to transform one’s life.

Enlightenment Intensives are neither affiliated with, nor contradicted by, any religion. They provide a safe and mutually supportive backdrop for people to find out the truth for themselves, by themselves, under the guidance of the master. This self-managed enquiry remains a very powerful aspect for me; the fact that no-one has ever told me the plot, told me who I am, suggested who I might be, or counselled me on anything other than how to do and stick at the contemplation and communication technique. I arrived at my answers myself.

My experience of Intensives began about twelve years ago when I read the book, “Tell Me Who You Are” by Jake Chapman. It’s about Enlightenment Intensives, written from the perspective of a participant. I attended my first Intensive as a direct consequence of that book, and twelve years later, with much experience under my belt, I am now mastering them. Before that I was a Met. Office weather forecaster and presenter for a few years for the BBC (BBC World and Radio 4), and before that I was an RAF officer for eleven years, six as a fighter controller and five as a pilot, flying Hawks and Search and Rescue helicopters, amongst other things, and before that I was jumping out of aeroplanes as well as flying them (not at the same time)… it’s been an interesting journey thus far.

You can find out more about Enlightenment Intensives at the UK Enlightenment Intensive website: http://www.enlightenment-intensives.org.uk

You can find out more about me at my website: www.groundedawareness.com

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